Thursday, September 6, 2012

Blog of the Day: Teeth Whitening - What are the options?

As one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures, teeth whitening is a great way to enhance your smile with minimal invasive dental work. The following are important considerations in determining which method is best for you:

· Ninety-seven percent of patients who whiten their teeth have successful results.
· The process does not damage the teeth.
· It is impossible to predict the degree of whitening prior to treatment.
· Active gum disease, decay, or dental pathology must be corrected prior to beginning the whitening process.
· The teeth must be clean. If it has been more than 3 months since your last professional dental cleaning, we advise that this be done first. The cleaner the teeth are, the better they will lighten.
· If you have tooth-colored restorations (fillings), porcelain crowns (caps), or a removable partial denture with teeth that are visible, note that these materials will not change color as your teeth will. It is possible that these restorations will need to be replaced or modified after the whitening is completed. This should be done after allowing 1 month for the color to stabilize.
 · The more yellow your teeth are initially, the more color change (lighter/whiter) will be noticed after whitening. The whiter/lighter your teeth are to begin, less color change will be noticed.
· Research indicates that teeth can only get “as white as they can get.” The color is a function of the physical properties of the teeth. Further whitening beyond that point will not have a noticeable effect.
· Teeth with tetracycline discolorations will probably need multiple whitening treatments.
· If you have whitened your teeth before (with professional solutions and trays), there will be a less noticeable color change.
· The difference between in-office and at-home tray tooth whitening appears to be only in how long it takes to achieve the color change. The in-office procedure is faster; the at-home technique is slower (and requires more time commitment on your part). The in-office process uses more concentrated whitening solution than the at-home solutions.
· The lightening process continues for 2 days after the in-office whitening. You should not drink tea, coffee, cola beverages, or smoke for those 48 hours.
· There is a “rebound” color change possible after the whitening is completed. It is between one-half and one shade as noted on the commonly used shade color guides. In the combination in-office/at-home tray technique, this rebound is minimized or eliminated.
· Some people experience sensitivity after the procedure. This sensitivity is not permanent and will quickly disappear. Fluoride gels may be prescribed in this event.
· The color change remains satisfactory for approximately 3 to 7 years. Your eating/drinking habits contribute to future yellowing of the teeth.
· Teeth can have the whitening process repeated when they again darken.

There are three possible whitening combinations available:
1. In-office technique alone. Involves 6 to 10 top and bottom front teeth; 12 to 20 total. Total number of teeth whitened depends on the presenting conditions. Although the teeth are isolated and soft tissues are protected, it is possible some of the whitening solution can contact the tissues. The tissues may temporarily turn white and be sensitive. This will go away in a few hours at most. This procedure is completed in one appointment. Some postoperative color rebound is possible.
2. At-home tray system tooth whitening alone. Trays cover all top and bottom teeth. One box of whitening solution (possibly two) is usually needed. Trays can be worn while sleeping or during the day. This technique can take several weeks to complete. Trays can be kept and used in the future, with only a syringe of whitening gel to “touch up” teeth before important events. Food and drink will yellow teeth over time.
3. A combination of in-office and at-home tray whitening. This is the fastest, most effective, and best value. The in-office whitening is done in one appointment. The trays stabilize the color, reduce rebound, and are available for the future.

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    Active gum disease, decay, or dental pathology must be corrected prior to beginning the whitening process.
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