Friday, April 26, 2013

Mouthguards Provide Protection for Another Season of Sports

As spring is nearing in, bringing the sunny days with green grass and kicking off another season school and recreational activities. Athletes of all ages are ready to take the fields, Omni Dental Group want to stress the importance of wearing a mouthguard. 

Typically mouthguards are worn in contact sports, but oral injury also exists in non-contact sports as well. Here at Omni Dental we recommend wearing a motuhguard during all sports and activities that has the potential of creating an oral injury. 

Almost 1/3 of all dental injuries are sports related, with a properly fitted mouthguard, you are reducing you are significantly reducing your chances for oral injury.  A mouthgurad not only protects your teeth but it also protects your lips, tongue, cheeks and face as well as your jaw from all potential impact and injuries.
Ask your dentist about a mouthguard which would be best for your child. The cost of a mouthguard is less expensive than treatment of sports related dental injury.

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