Friday, June 28, 2013

Are Dental X-Rays Safe?

Dental X-RaysTwo of the biggest fears when visiting the dentist are pain and radiation from dental X-rays. While sedation dentistry options have quelled many concerns over pain from dental procedures, dental X-ray radiation worries still tend to creep up from time to time. This post will discuss the some of the misconceptions about radiation from dental X-rays.

How Safe are Dental X-rays?

Very safe. Dental X-rays require very little exposure to radiation and the regularity for which dental X-rays are needed is so infrequent that the risk associated with dental X-rays is very, very small. How often X-rays are performed is determined by your individual risk factors for decay and gum disease. Even in extreme cases, you still won’t be exposed to as much radiation as people who live in high altitudes and experience natural radiation on a regular basis.

Dental X-ray’s Biggest Risk

The biggest risk surrounding dental X-rays is not getting them. Dental X-rays are performed to help determine hidden tooth decay and gum problems. The risk to these types of problems going undetected is much greater than the miniscule effects of an X-ray. The University of Maryland Medical Center reports that over 75% of adults in the United States have gum disease in some form, but only 60% are even aware that they have a problem.

X-ray Equipment Matters

At Silver Screen Dental we use that latest technology when it comes to our equipment. This enables us to have some of the lowest radiation X-ray equipment available. Technological advances have improved X-ray equipment tremendously over the years. With high-speed film and digital X-rays being used, a patient today will receive up to 80% less radiation exposure than older generation equipment.
Anyone who wants to ensure that they are as safe as possible when getting dental X-rays should make sure that the machines used are as advanced as possible.

Trust Your Dentist

In the end, your dentist should be your trusted advisor when it comes to any kind of concern relating to your dental needs.
Under the care of a highly qualified dentist, dental X-rays are nothing to be squeamish about. In fact, your decision to get a dental X-ray may be the most important step in ensuring your current and continued oral health.

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