Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Do teeth-bleaching products really weaken your teeth?

It's no myth that dental work can be a little scary sometimes. In fact, according to Discovery Fit and Health 12% of American adults admit to feeling nervous when visiting the dentist. This fear has created a number of myths surrounding oral care that are meant to explain or alleviate dental issues that people choose to follow rather than going to the dentist. Here are some popular dental myths and the truth behind them.
• Bleaching weakens teeth - Bleaching products are harmless so long as they are used according to the directions. This is because bleaching affects the color of the teeth, not their health or strength. If you bleach too much you can run the risk of having teeth that appear translucent, but this is not due to a lack of enamel, merely a lack of color.
• The More Sugar you Eat, the Worse for your Teeth – “If you eat that, your teeth will fall out!” If you heard that phrase often, you probably had a penchant for sweet treats as a kid. But did you know that the amount of sugar in foods does not affect the rate of tooth decay? Instead, it is the amount of time that sugary food is actually in your mouth that matters. The more time you give the bacteria in your mouth to feed on the sugar, the more damage is done to your teeth. This means that you can enjoy all the sugar you want, just make sure to brush your teeth immediately after to get rid of that bacteria.
• Brushing's Bad for Bleeding Gums – If your gums remind you of something out of a horror movie when you brush your teeth, that is no excuse to stop brushing. When your gums bleed, it's a sign that plaque and food particles are accumulating along your gum line and the gums have become irritated and inflamed. You need to brush to remove the gunk if you want the bleeding to stop. So while it seems abusive, keep brushing along those gums, it will keep them clean and healthy!
Did you fall for one of these dental legends or do you know of another popular myth? Share it with us online or come visit your local Castle Dental dentist!

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  1. Teeth Bleaching product don't effect dental strength. Vigorous use of such bleaching product can harm your teeth. Brushing and regular flossing can keep your teeth healthy and clean.

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