Monday, July 28, 2014

A World Record Case!

A team led by Dr. Vandana Thorawade at Sir J.J. Hospital in Mumbai, India spent 7 hours removing 232 teeth from 17-year-old's Ashik Gavai's molars. Doctors were stunned to find a world record of 232 teeth inside his mouth.

What was it?
A series of tests revealed there was an abnormal growth on the second molar on his lower right jaw. The 232 "teeth" varied in sizes - some were very tiny and some were the size of a large marble.  

It has been diagnosed as Complex Composite Odontoma, or a benign tumor of the tooth. The tumor fosters a slow-growth tumor inside the jaw capable of birthing additional teeth-like structures. This can cause some difficulties eating, swallowing, and can lead to a swelling on the patient's face. Dr. Sunanda Dhiware-Palwanker, the head of the hospital's dental department, stated that it most likely began its formation in Ashik's younger age, probably in his post-baby teeth years.

Are the structures really teeth?
Whether they should be called teeth or teeth-like structures are still to be determined.

The controversy
Some claim the condition is rare, while others claim that the structures were "wrongly" called teeth. A normal adult mouth cannot hold more than 34 teeth.

Dr. Sunanda Dhiware-Palwanker stated that Ashik will lead an absolutely normal and healthy life after the ejection of so many teeth. Following the procedure, he now has 28 teeth.

Here is another study published on the condition of Complex Composite Odontoma -

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