Tuesday, December 16, 2014

5 Holiday Treats For Your Teeth

Halloween through New Years is an exciting and often delicious time of year, but it can also be a dangerous time of year for your teeth! Keep these five tips in mind to keep your pearly whites healthy throughout the holiday season:  
1. Stay away from chewy candy
We know that it is nearly impossible to stay away from the delicious holiday candy that shows up this time of year, but did you know those sticky candies are terrible for your teeth? The chewy substances stick to your teeth’s enamel which stimulates tooth decay and can even rip out fillings! Try your best to serve delicious, healthy alternatives and only have a few of these tasty treats this holiday season!
2. Use a nut cracker
Nuts are a great source of protein but remember: do not use your teeth to crunch down on this healthy snack! The hard nature of the shell of a nut can cause severe tooth and gum damage and can even crack your teeth. Use a nut cracker to remove the shell and you’re all set to enjoy!
3. Your teeth are not box cutters
Using your teeth to open presents or packages may require a future root canal or repairing of an existing crown. Do your teeth a favor and take the extra second to use scissors or a box cutter to rip open your presents this holiday season! 

4. Don’t chew on hard candy
While we’ve already warned you to stay away from the chewy treats, you should also avoid chomping on the hard stuff this year! By biting down on hard candy, you run the risk of cracking or chipping your teeth if you crunch on hard candy or even ice cubes. Instead of biting down, let the candy dissolve in your mouth as to reduce the stress on your teeth!

5. Drink water
To keep your smile bright this holiday season, avoid drinking coffee, black tea, soda, or red wine that can stain your teeth. Try replacing these beverages with water that can wash away food particles and bacteria. Water also keeps your mouth quenched to avoid a dry mouth which can cause bad breath. 

Give your teeth the present of avoiding any dental emergencies over the holidays by following these  five simple tips. If you just can’t stay away from the yummy candy and need to come in for an appointment, call your Omni Dental Group nearest you, sooner than later! Happy Holidays!

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