Wednesday, January 21, 2015

How to Avoid Dental Cavities

Dental cavity has the highest frequency of occurrence amongst people all over the world. It is caused due to the improper care of teeth. It is faced mostly by children. Most of the times it results in tooth loss. Dental cavities are also known as tooth decays or caries. They show symptoms like tooth ache, holes, damages or craters on the teeth. Carbohydrates primarily from sweets and starch cause dental cavities.

During the early stages of dental cavity the surface of teeth becomes soft. In the preliminary stages any holes or pits cannot be seen on the teeth. However dental x-rays are helpful for the early diagnosis and treatment for the dental cavities. People who eat too many chocolates and sweets and do not take care of their teeth are more prone to problem of dental cavities. Read on to learn about taking better care of your teeth for avoiding dental cavities.

Causes of dental cavities
The bacteria present in the mouth are responsible for the cavities. It converts food, mainly sugar and starch into acid. Then it combines with acid, saliva and food debris to result in the formation of plaque. Plaque is a very sticky substance that stays on the teeth. If it holds on teeth for a longer time its mineralisation takes place. This then results in formation of tartar. These formations causes tooth irritation, infection and finally results in cavities.

How to avoid dental cavities
Here are some tips that you can follow for taking regular care of your teeth and thus avoiding dental cavities.
  • Be strict regarding your regular oral hygiene
  • Follow a habit of brushing teeth twice a day, once in the morning and once before going to the bed
  • Try flossing your teeth regularly
  • Avoid snacks which result in constant supply of acid in mouth
  • Avoid constant consumption of candies and mint
  • Stay away from the frequent intake of sugar drinks
  • Use tooth paste and mouth wash containing fluoride
  • Ingest fluoride through fluoride supplements or drinking water. Take care that you do not increase the fluoride intake as it can prove harmful. Consult your dentist regarding the fluoride intake. Your fluoride intake should be as per the quantity prescribed by your dentist or an expert.
  • Brush or wash your mouth whenever you consume any sticky eatable like sweet, chocolate or a dry fruit
  • Use dental sealants which helps to avoid collection of plaque on the teeth
  • Undertake tooth cleaning every six months by visiting dentist
  • Take dental x-rays every year to find whether there are chances of causing dental cavities or not
  • Treat cavities at an early stage of occurrence
Treatments for dental cavities

A completely decomposed tooth cannot be brought back in its original form. However there are certain ways which help preventing further decay. Here are some remedies used for treating tooth decay.

Decaying which takes place on the teeth is cleared with the help of drilling technique. The gaps are then replaced using material like porcelain, composite resin, gold or silver alloy. People who want their tooth to look natural in appearance prefer porcelain or composite resin filling.

Capping is used when sever decaying takes place. It is used when a very small portion is safe. On the remaining part of the teeth a cap or a crown is fixed. Porcelain, gold or a mixture of metal and porcelain is used for making a cap or crown.

Root canal
Root canal is undertaken to remove a dead or decayed nerve in tooth. It is a removal of small thread like tissue or tooth pulp in the center of the tooth. After its removal the gap is cleaned and filled. Capping is also done after cleaning if required.

If you do not treat dental cavities early, you can face risk of tooth loss. This can be avoided by taking proper care. You can adopt the tips suggested above and can save on the expenses of treating your decayed tooth. So spend more time on the dental care and have the best set of teeth that you can always flash while you smile. Smile now, it improves your face value.


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  3. We can't afford to look on our kids faces while we're depriving them to munch on their favorite chocolates and candies. Sweets is one of kid's guilty pleasure, however it is also the main source of dental cavities. What about we will bribe them? we'll let them enjoy what they'd like to eat only if they agree to gargle or brush their teeth after eating sweets and it is also our responsibility to take them to a nearby dentist regularly.