Friday, November 29, 2013

Eruption Patterns of Teeth: Part 2 (Adult Teeth)

Permanent Teeth
The enamel of the permanent teeth actually begins forming at 3 to 4 months of age. If your water is not fluoridated, make sure your baby receives the necessary fluoride supplements. Permanent teeth come in under the baby teeth. Pressure from the upward movement of the permanent tooth causes a resorption of the root of the baby tooth. When the root disappears, the tooth gets loose and eventually falls out. If the permanent tooth does not come in directly under the baby tooth, the baby tooth root will not resorb and not loosen. The second tooth will come in either in front of or behind the baby tooth. This is common. When it happens, see the dentist to determine whether the baby tooth should be removed to permit the proper positioning of the permanent tooth.

lower central incisors                           6-7 years
lower first molar                                   6-7 years
upper first molar                                  6-7 years
upper central incisors                          7-8 years
lower lateral incisors                            7-8 years
upper lateral incisors                           8-9 years
lower canines                                        9-10 years
upper first premolars                           10-11 years
lower first premolars                           10-12 years
upper canines                                       11-12 years
lower second premolars                      11-12 years
lower second molar                             11-13 years
upper second molar                            12-13 years
wisdom teeth                                        17-22 years

Be sure to remember the sealants for the molars and premolars!

If you have any questions about the formation of teeth, please feel free to ask us at (512)250-5012.

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