Friday, November 22, 2013


Pericoronitis is an inflammation (infection) of the soft gum tissue that surrounds the coronal portion (enamel-covered part) of a tooth. It can be associated with the eruption of a tooth, but most often is related to the mandibular (lower) wisdom teeth. The pericoronitis around the lower wisdom teeth is the subject of this short explanation.

Over thousands of years, the diet humans eat has been getting softer and requires less chewing. Our decreasing jaw size and lessened need for wisdom teeth reflects this trend. Unfortunately, our jaws are shrinking faster than our wisdom teeth are disappearing. As a result, particularly in the lower jaw, the wisdom teeth do not have enough room to fully grow (erupt) into the mouth. Although some do find their way into proper position and cause no trouble, all too often the wisdom teeth appear partially covered with gum tissue. This causes a situation in which it is difficult, if not impossible, for the wisdom tooth and surrounding gum to be effectively cleaned on a daily basis. There is a high potential for recurring gum infections. If the tooth and gum cannot be cleaned daily, debris builds up under the gum tissue that partially covers the wisdom tooth. The debris and by-products deteriorate and cause an inflammatory response in the surrounding gum. The gum becomes infected and swollen. If it swells enough, you may even unavoidably bite down on it each time you try to chew food or even swallow.

These infections can be mild, moderate, or severe in nature. They can happen just once or be a continuing problem. There may be little pain or so much pain that you cannot even open your mouth. You may run a fever, have a sore throat, or have swollen glands down the side of your neck.

There are several possible solutions to this problem. You can have the wisdom tooth extracted, and the problem will never occur again. Depending on the position of the teeth, it might be done in this office or you might be referred to a specialist. If you decide to not have the tooth extracted, we can irrigate the area around and under the gum with a medicated solution and clean out the debris with special instruments. Then we will prescribe a specific mouthrinse for you to use postoperatively for several days. If the infection is not too severe, this will often resolve the immediate situation. However, it can recur! In some people, recurrence is frequent; in others, it never happens again. It is very difficult to predict. The better able you are to effectively clean the area, the less likely you are to have the infection again.

After an evaluation of your problem, we will suggest the appropriate option to you. Please remember that the better you can follow our specific recommendations on daily brushing and flossing of your teeth and keeping the time intervals between your periodic hygiene recare appointments, the less likely you will be to have any pericoronitis problems.

Today the following procedures were performed:

If you have any questions about pericoronitis, please feel free to ask us at (512)250-5012.

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