Thursday, December 18, 2014

Avoid holiday oral health hazards


Holiday lights are shining in trees and storefronts. Parties are scheduled. Family time around the Christmas tree. With all the holiday festivities, you don’t want a sudden toothache to ruin your holiday celebrations.
Even dentists enjoy a great gingerbread cookie or a traditional candy cane during the holiday but we know holiday treats can often bring dental troubles. So here are some tips for a holiday season without dental problems.

1. Bring a toothbrush. Holiday parties with friends and family are about gathering together where lots of food and beverages are on hand. By bringing a toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss, you can periodically excuse yourself to take care of your teeth. If you cannot do this, at least try to rinse your mouth with water between dinner courses or chew sugar-less gums such as Orbit or Trident with xylitol, a antimicrobial which reduces plaque formation and reduces the production of acid in the mouth.

2. Avoid too many desserts and sweetened holiday beverages. The party may offer a multitude of sugary snacks and holiday desserts, but don’t forget that drinks like eggnog, hot cocoa, punch and most liqueurs contain a high level of sugars. Take a quick trip to the restroom and brush. By limiting your consumption, you can deter unwanted tooth decay while reducing any harmful effects to your waistline.

3. Holiday stress can harm your teeth. If the season is stressing you out, you may find yourself grinding or clinching your teeth during stressful situations and often while you sleep. This can cause headaches and jaw pain, as well as damaged teeth and dental work. The best way to address this problem is to use a dental mouth guard which won’t stop the grinding but can prevent it from causing pain and damage.

4. Have emergency dental contacts on hand. The wrong bite into a candy cane can result in a dental disaster. You may chip a tooth, lose a filling, or break a crown while on vacation or when the MDA office is closed. Contact your dentist or local dental offices to see if they can provide you with emergency care over the holidays.

5. Start the New Year with proper dental care. The holiday fun can keep you distracted, but as long as your oral health care becomes a habit, you can continue the holiday fun without fretting about your teeth. Make a resolution to brush and floss regularly and schedule routine check ups with your dentist. Regular professional cleanings and good home care are essential for healthy, strong teeth that are free from decay.

Always remember to check with your dentist before changing any of your dental habits. Have Omni on hand for any of your dental emergencies this holiday. We have 3 locations for your convience: 

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  1. Thank you for the tips. Sometimes I forget just how many sweets I eat during the holidays, especially at family gatherings. I want to take good care of my teeth, so I'll be sure to bring a toothbrush with me when I go to a Christmas party. Maybe I should have a dentist check my teeth?

    Susan Hirst |

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