Monday, February 9, 2015

5 Tips to Get Kids Excited about Dental Hygiene

It can be a very big challenge to get your little ones to care about dental hygiene, but it’s extremely important they learn the necessity of taking care of their teeth at a young age!

Dental Hygiene

If good dental habits aren’t developed early, your children could experience major issues when they’re older.
If you find that you’re getting into a fight with your son or daughter every day and night when it’s time to bring out the toothbrush, we’re here to save you some hassle with these five tips to get your children excited about dental hygiene!
  1. Tell a Story
  2. Words like “germs” and “plaque” don’t tend to resonate well with children. Instead of giving them the scientific explanation of why they should brush their teeth, think of an exciting story or cautionary tale to tell them.
    “Once upon a time their was a tooth fairy who was building a castle with the whitest teeth she could find. In fact, she’d pay children almost twice as much for clean teeth!” Creating an allure of fantasy and excitement will make them more inclined to want to be involved.
  3. Go Toothbrush Shopping
  4. Let your kids pick their own toothbrush (and even toothpaste!). Most kids are a lot more excited to grab their toothbrush every day if it’s their favourite colour or features a cartoon character they love.
    What’s more, tooth paste comes in all kinds of fun flavors, so they won’t be able to use taste as an excuse not to brush their teeth.
  5. Show and Tell
  6. Most dentists and pharmacies sell dissolving agents that kids can swish around in their mouth to reveal all the plaque that’s still stuck on teeth. Sometimes seeing the build-up of plaque firsthand is all it takes to get excited about cleaning their teeth! Plus it makes it that much more satisfying when they can clearly see the before and after of their efforts.
  7. Turn it into a Competition
  8. Most kids are very competitive. Spur your child’s excitement by having them race against the clock! Set a timer or a minute-hour glass and bet your child that they won’t be able to brush their teeth for a whole minute. Nothing works better than a little reverse psychology!
  9. Compliment them
  10. The best positive reinforcement is free—and very easy to give.
    Be sure to compliment your child on their dazzling smile and mouth full of pearly whites regularly! Most kids love nothing more than a pat on the back.

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