Thursday, February 19, 2015

Five Daily Tips for Perfect Oral Health

You only have one set of adult teeth so it’s important to care for them on a daily basis. If you find the normal habit of brushing too boring, mix things up by trying out these new tips. Take a few minutes each day to make dental care a fun way to take care of yourself.

Perfect Oral Health
Floss, Floss, And Floss Some More!
This is a tip you may have heard regularly from the hygienist, dentist, or doctor, but outside of their offices you may struggle to put it to practice. To find out the reason behind the reluctance to floss, make the decision to floss easier:
  • Buy silk floss – it’s softer on your gums and makes the activity more enjoyable
  • Put floss near your computer or TV at home so you can clean your teeth during commercials or productivity breaks
  • Floss gently so your gums don’t bleed
Brush with Some Help
Brushing too vigorously can actually damage your enamel and irritate your gums. You can brush in gently, short strokes or let a professional do the job. There are dentist recommended electric toothbrushes that will handle the details and even alert you when you’re applying too much pressure. Consult your dentist to see which toothbrush they recommend for your teeth.

Indulge in Brand Name Products
Walking through the oral health care aisle, you’ll see any number of brightly coloured products, each with their own features and benefits. Shake things up and try something new as an incentive to continue brushing and flossing:
  • Products containing fluoride will strengthen your teeth
  • Anti-bacterial products remove germs that damage your teeth and gums
  • Specially shaped tooth brushes can reach areas that are difficult to get to
Treat Your Gums to a Massage
Massages can be therapeutic for the muscles, and the same can be said about the tissue lining your teeth. Massaging gums increases blood flow to the area, which is great for tissue health and fighting infections. Do so gently and with clean fingers. For a special treat, invest in a soft rubber tipped massaging tool.

Keep your Things Clean
Germs are bad for your teeth and breath, so the last thing you should be doing is reintroducing them back into your mouth. Wash brushes and cups regularly with hot soap and water. This is important for gums that are in bad shape as they split easily.


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