Friday, November 8, 2013

How To Get Children to Brush Their Teeth

It is not news that it is important for a child's health to have a clean mouth.  Preventing cavities and periodontal disease is important to the overall health of a person, and children are no different.  It it true, however, that many children rebel against the endless chores of hygiene, especially brushing their teeth.  Why? The answer is probably very simple: children don't like to brush their teeth because they would rather be doing fun "kid stuff."  Not to mention the fact that most kids associate brushing teeth with two things they typically don't like: waking up and bed-time.  So, how do we instill in our children the discipline of brushing their teeth regularly without it being a constant struggle?  Here are some ideas:

1.  Brushing Teeth Can Be Fun! Children learn to think about things as fun or boring based largely in part to their parents and older siblings reactions.  If mom and dad love to brush their teeth, it is likely that kids will, too.  Show your kids how much you enjoy keeping your teeth clean.

2.  Make Teeth-Cleaning a Family Event!  Rather than telling your child to go to the bathroom alone to do a chore, go to the biggest sink in the house and have the whole family brush teeth together.  This can involve a song that determines the amount of time tooth-brushing should take or a competition for best breath or cleanest teeth.  Kids are far more prone to want in on a family ritual than a lonely chore.

3.  Don't Make it About Bedtime!  It is a universal truth that kids want to stay up late like an adult and will resist bedtime.  Part of bedtime in most houses involves putting on pajamas, washing faces, and yes, brushing teeth.  This gives clean teeth a rough group of friends to be associated with in a kid's mind.  Good breath means going to bed, so brush teeth after the last meal or snack of the day.  After dinner or a post-dinner snack, rally the family together for some tooth-brushing bonding.  This separates the time between brushing teeth and bedtime in a way that will be helpful to the reputation the activity gets in the mind of your child.

4.  Fun Accessories!  Although many kids don't care what kind of toothbrush they have, having a cool, colorful brush might get your child more excited about using it.  An awesome action-figure toothbrush or an electric tooth-brushing machine to go with a fun tube of kid's toothpaste could be a real difference-maker in the daily ritual.

In all of these tips, one thing remains central: Kids follow your lead, parents.  You are more than capable of inspiring your kids to develop a respect for oral hygiene habits and with these tips you are even more equipped.  We are always in your corner and desire to see your kids have healthy mouths and habits.

Please don't hesitate to call us if you have any questions about getting your children to brush their teeth.  We are available at (512)250-5012.  -Omni Dental Group.


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    1. Thanks for reading! We are glad you found this blog helpful.

  2. Awesome tips! My Chandler dentist told me that Children who's been exposed early to proper oral hygiene are more likely to grow up feeling good about themselves, hence being happier adults.

  3. I like your tip to not make brushing your teeth about bedtime. My nephew hates to go to bed and knows that brushing his teeth means it is time for bed. It seems like it would be a good idea for my sister to brush his teeth after dinner when he isn't supposed to be getting ready for bed.

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